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Welcome to Culcha!


Culcha was developed with Aboriginal men, boys and Elders in mind. It has been clear to me for some time that there is a significant lack of Aboriginal culturally specific programs available in our communities around Victoria to support our men and boys to address the issues they are struggling with every day. These issues relate to the justice system/Koori court, family violence, substance abuse, disconnection from culture, family and community, lack of cultural identity, disconnected from school system, father/son issues, homelessness, child protection and out of home care issues, behavioural issues and much more.


I have therefore designed a range of programs and activities tailor made for the cultural needs of Aboriginal communities. I am proud to have brought together a team of Elders who are well experienced, ready and willing to work with me to provide these programs and activities in a culturally appropriate setting.


I am also pleased to be joined by Uncle Colin Walker, Uncle Alf Turner and my brother Len Jackson who will all provide their wisdom and support with Culcha Camps.


Programs for non-Aboriginal people:

I am also approached every day about the needs of non-Aboriginal people in communities around the state, and following many requestes, I am now making many of these programs and activities available for the non-Aboriginal community of Shepparton and Victoria.


N.B: There are some activities that are deeply cultural and sensitive that will only be provided for Aboriginal people/men but I will make that clear as we go along.


Please take a look through the website and give me a call on 0429955586 if you want to yarn about anything further or make a booking.






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