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Culcha Camps

Culcha Camps are a fantastic two day camp packed to the brim with cultural and spiritual activities that will support Aboriginal men, youth and Elders to connect with their cultural identity. Activities include: 


  • A Cultural Journey with Aboriginal Elders

  • Yarning Circles and Camp fire yarning

  • Men’s Business – Smoking Ceremonies

  • Strong men -  respecting women - raising strong kids - healthy families

  • Respect yourself - Cultural mentoring  

  • Collect, catch ‘n’ cook bush foods in ashes (Fishing and Craying – seasonal)

  • Tasting Traditional Foods

  • Culcha trips –  to gather/make didjeridoos, clapsticks, art therapy

  • Dreamtime storytelling

  • One-on –one yarning, walk ‘n’ talk with an Elder

  • Cultural Awareness – Your history – Connecting to Culture




These camps involve intensive work with participants through yarning, time with Elders, reflection, goal setting, challenging behaviours. Participants will leave with having set some goals that will take them forward on their life journey.


Follow-up mentoring and coaching is available on request.

Contact Larry on 0429955586 to have a yarn about the needs of you or your group.

These camps are now also available for non-Aboriginal groups and can be tailormade to any groups specific needs including Aboriginal women and girls, and non-Aboriginal people and groups.

However, those activities that involve specific Aboriginal men's business remain available for Aboriginal men only as is lore.

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