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Culcha Camps for Agencies and Services:


Two day Culcha Camps are a great way to learn about Aboriginal culture, history and experiences. Whether you work in education, employment, justice, health, government, family violence, arts, or other agencies and services, it is important that you have a good understanding of Aboriginal culture, history, society, the impact of colonisation, the contemporary issues we face today, and the wonderful work being done across many towns and communities to bridge the gap and provide opportunities for advancing the lives of Aboriginal Australians and working to reconciliation across our nation.


Culcha Camps will provide this analysis with a Half Day Cultural Competency session with Robynne Nelson of Healing the Spirit Pty Ltd.


Robynne has 20 years experience in this field including:

  • Australia's Black history

  • Impact of Colonisation

  • Contemporary issues and impact on Aborginal communities today

  • Community Strengths

  • Strategies for working with Aboriginal people, families and communities


Then you will go bush for 1.5 days to experience 'culcha' by camping out, yarning around the camp fire with Elders, and talking about your experiences.

These camps will also involve:

  • Catch 'n' cook bush foods

  • Dream time story telling

  • One-on-one walk 'n' talk yarning with Eldeers

  • Self reflection and goal setting

  • Developing effective strategies for working with Aboriginal people into the future.



Culcha Camps and Cultural Competency Training